New Housing Benefit Rules

Important Changes to Local Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefit is changing  from 1 January 2012 for single people aged 25 to 34 who rent from a private landlord, so if you are living in a large flat or house then this will effect you and it’s important that you read below, if you are unsure then contact your local council office to find out how this effects you.

Homeless Action groups around the country are brazing themselves for an increase of young people becoming homeless.

If you live in Lancaster then Lancaster & District Homeless Action will be your local click here for there website

If your not then contact Shelter for England or Shelter for Scotland and also Centre Point here

DWP have issued the following information

From 1 January 2012 single people aged from 25 to 34 will only be entitled to the Housing
Benefit shared accommodation rate.

The shared accommodation rate is based on the level of local rents for properties that are
not self contained. This usually means that there is a shared
• kitchen,
• bathroom,
• toilet or
• living room
If you already get Housing Benefit at the one bedroom rate your Housing Benefit may go
down if you move to the shared accommodation rate.
If your Housing Benefit is paid directly to your landlord, the amount your landlord gets for
your rent could go down.
If you are getting, or thinking of claiming Housing Benefit, you need to consider this
change before you renew or make a new tenancy agreement with a private landlord.

Limits for Local Housing Allowance

A limit will be introduced so that Local Housing Allowance will not exceed:

  • £250 a week for a one bedroom property (including shared accommodation)
  • £290 a week for a two bedroom property
  • £340 a week for a three bedroom property
  • £400 a week for a four bedroom property

The maximum rate of Housing Benefit will be limited to the rate for a four bedroom property.

£15 weekly-excess payment removed

Currently, if the rent you pay is less than the weekly Local Housing Allowance rate, you can keep up to £15 of the difference.

From April 2011, if the rent you pay is less than the weekly Local Housing Allowance rate, you will only receive the amount you need to pay for your rent.

This will apply to you if you already receive Housing Benefit, or if you are making a new claim.

Source DWP

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